Feitian ePass 2003, SafeNet USB eToken, and ProxKeyWD USB Smart Token are the category of hardware security tokens used for authentication as well as secure access of various digital services.

These tokens provide an additional layer of security as physical device to authenticate user identity and access to sensitive information. They are often used by organizations to secure remote access, digital signatures, and online transactions.

Feitian ePass 2003

Feitian ePass 2003 is a cryptographic USB token that supports algorithms for secure storage of digital certificates and private keys.

SafeNet USB eToken

SafeNet USB eToken is a portable USB-based smart card holds strong authentication and password management capabilities, along with supporting secure digital signing and encryption.

ProxKeyWD USB Smart Token

ProxKeyWD USB Smart Token is a compact and portable device for secure authentication and digital signing capabilities, and can also be used for secure online transactions.

Overall, these hardware tokens offer its users a secure and reliable way to authenticate user identity and provide secure access to digital services.