Digital signature in E-environment Digital signature in E-environment


As we know, the internet is a big tool for business and government organizations. But, now a day’s any digital information during internet transmission can be easily stolen or manipulated or tampered with. So it is advisable to buy digital signature, for reliable and authenticate of digital transaction, when safety is a big issue and challenge, using internet, the solution of the issue is the mechanism of digital signature.


In a digital signature, the information is converted in secret code language by using secrete key character, known as “private key”

When document is received it is in secret code and cannot be read without the help of that secrete key, which is known as “public key”, so document is not tampered, during transmission.


Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)


When we sign a physical document on paper we signed it physically and by that way, we authenticate the document, same we can do, when we authenticate any document or declaration electronically by assigning it our Digital Signature Certificate(DCS).

In this way, we can prove our identity or access services or authenticate something on the internet.


Use of Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)


A digital signature is used to access information or services or to prove one’s identity

In India, it is becoming easy and cost-effective to buy Digital signature nowadays. As most government operations are becoming online nowadays it has become a need for individuals and businesses to get a Digital signature.

Digitally signed documents are acceptable  as an evidence, moreover in present days it is compulsory for various filing like


(1)Income Tax return

(2)  GST return,

(3) LLP registration

(4) Patent and trademark e-filing

(5) Customs E-filing,

(6) E-biding,


(8) E-procurement,

(9)E-auction etc


currently, it is mandatory to get digital signature for applying for government tenders and government bid.

Buying a digital signature certificate give you protection against fraud and secure your digital assets as it is based on cryptography technology.  


When you buy Digital Signature certificate they are issued for 1 or 3 years. After their validity has expired, they are needed to be issued again.


Digital Signatures are legally admissible as provided under the provisions of The Information Technologies Act, 2000.



Types of  Digital Signature certificate and their use


 In India, there are some major companies providing Digital Signature certificate services. It is majorly provided in three different types of category


1)Class 1 certificate: It can only be used to sign documents. like Income Tax return, GST return, MCA filing  Patent and trademark e-filing, etc. it is used in a low-risk situation. Where the possibility of data theft in at minimum can be provided to business personnel and private individuals.


(2) Class 2 certificate: it is used for document encryption .to send or receive classified information,it is mostly used for legal documentation,  E-biding, E-tendering, E-procurement,  E-auction. it can be provided to business personnel and private individuals.


(3) Class 3 certificate: this type of certificate is provided to individual personnel and organizations by Controller of Certifying Authorities only on their physical appearance before authorities. This type of signature comes with the feature of USB E-token. Which are Used in instance level of international monetary transaction which includes a high level of fraud risk like for transaction in  Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT), international funds transfer, etc 


How to obtain a digital signature


Traditional DSC procedure


Applicants can  approach to Certifying Authorities (CAs) with original supporting documents, and self-attested copies of the same certified by the Bank Manager that bank has applicant’s information as retained in the Bank database

paperless DSC procedure


One can apply for digital signature online  Anytime, Anywhere by providing PAN card information and adhar card information and e-KYC Verification. no physical presence is required other than class 3 certificate. it is fast and time-saving then Traditional DSC procedure